Need a professional to photograph your art or help you submit your digital photos to online applications?
OpenArts artists have worked with the following local photographers:
(This list is for information purposes only, and is not a recommendation of any of these photographers. Each photographer may have different specialties, services and pricing structures. The price may also vary depending on your individual needs and specifications.)

Azad Photography: 303-447-3686. 660 Laramie Blvd. Boulder. Digital and slides. 8 different objects digitally for $200 ($275 for digital with slides) $5 per image for formatting and uploading to your Café (or Zapp) site.

Chris Brown Photography: 303-449-7532. 4340 13th Street, Boulder. 2-dimensional work up to 5 feet max. dimension. Saved and labeled to CD in both 2mb jpg, @ Café specifications, AND 20mb .tif for larger, reproduction purposes. 6 pieces: $125. Submission to Café: $5.00 each. While you wait (1+ hour), by appointment. Other times and 3-D work by special arrangement.

Thomas Howard Imaging: 303-444-4684. Studio or location art photography, video, and representative animation, all media PR. Specializing in the most difficult to photograph flat or 3D, film or digital. Submissions help included. – 2840 Wilderness Pl, #A1, Boulder.

Russell McDougal Photography: 303-444-6984 or www.russellmcdougal.com3211 Walnut St. Boulder. Studio photography for flat art or 3- dimensional artwork. Prices vary depending on time, number of pieces and kind of art being photographed. Call for a quote and studio availability. Russell will donate 20% of your invoice to any new Open Studios artist.

Ken Sanville: 303-666-7475. 356 Centennial Drive, Louisville, CO. I do both 2D (flat) and 3D art. The Cafe’ format images of flat art are $10.00 per image; including burning to CD. 3D art will be $50.00 per hour plus $10.00 per image.

John Waugh Photographic Images: 303-449-7062, 2850 18th St. Boulder. 2D/ 3D, in studio by appointment, and on location.

Joseph Zender, Studio Six Projects Product 3013 Shoshone Trl, Lafayette. 303-545-6877. Bring your art to the studio or the studio will come to you. 50% discount to members of the Boulder Potters Guild. Call for quotes and details.

Steve Zimmermann Photography: (303) 775-7949,, 4685 Silver Mountain Loop, Broomfield, CO 80023.

Tom Sundro Lewis Photography
303.717.2698 :::